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check if a car is insured by using the MID checkerHERE

The DVLA has a page dedicated to vehicle checks

 The latest AA stats show car insurance up 15% in 2011, a mammoth 50% hike over the last two years.with young drivers hit especially hard, many being charged £1,000s. To really gear up the savings, we've updated our system with tips, new detailed comparison site rank & more, see updated Cheap Car Insurance & Young Drivers' Insurance guides...

Start by combining the comparison sites. Never use just one, as they all search different insurers. New system samples to find what's likely to be cheapest.
Aged 17-24: Combine* & MoneySup* for 72% chance of cheapest.
Other drivers: Combine Gocompare* & Confused* for 70% chance of cheapest.
With both, then add: Big players Direct Line* and Aviva* which comparison sites miss


  • "Most places were around £4,000 for my 17-year-old son... but he got it eventually for £1,860". The following quick tips should help, but it's always a case of trial and error...

    - Take a PassPlus course, this can reduce a premium by taking further training showing more responsibility
    - Add older 2nd driver, even if they'll rarely drive. Putting a 40-yr-old on 18yr-old's £3,600 quote cut it by £1,000.
    - NEVER 'front', ie, falsely put someone as main driver (eg, parents on kid's car). It's fraud and invalidates cover.
    - Try multi-car policies eg, Admiral's*. one customer saved £4,600 by shifting three cars, incl a teenager's.
    - Try pay-when-you-drive tracking devices like iKube* and Coverbox* which are good if you don't drive at night.
    - Try pay-how-you-drive versions like Co-op's*, useful for young drivers not from the Schumacher family.


Suggested Insurance Companies
Collinwood Learner Insurance

At Collingwood Insurance Services we offer Short-Term Learner Driver Insurance Policies from 7 days to 24 weeks when learning to drive in your own vehicle or insure someone else's car (as specified on the policy).
You can also insure a second vehicle for half the premium of your first vehicle when insuring both vehicles at the same time.
Enter your postcode in our quick quote facility to find out how much a policy will cost you or click on "Get a Quote" and complete the simple quote process. Please ensure the details you enter are for the learner driver being insured.
This policy is for Learner Drivers Only.





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