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I teach 'Safe driving for life'

Learning in today's traffic conditions is much more involved than it was a  few years ago. Your aim should be to become a safe,responsible and confident driver in today's busy traffic conditions and on any type of road.
How much tuition time you need will depend on your age, ability to learn and how much regular practice you can get. Generally most 17 year olds need between 30 and 40 hours of driving experience to pass the test, older learners often need more. your age multiplied by two can be a rough guide.
The best option for you will depend on how quickly you want to learn, how much money you can spare, how much you can practice between lessons.

During the winter months it is especially important to ensure that you adjust your driving style and ensure that your vehicle is in good condition. To help keep you safe I recommend that you:

  1. Slow down and keep your distance
  2. Brake gently to help avoid skidding
  3. Keep your windscreen and lights clean
  4. Use low gears to keep traction, especially on hills
  5. Check your tyres


It is essential that extra care is taken when driving at night and the risk of a fatal accident is much higher than in the daylight. Even the best vision is affected.

Older drivers are particularly at risk as age related conditions reduce peripheral vision and make it harder to see distances. Get your eyes tested regularly, if you wear glasses make sure your prescription is up to date. check your lights are working and aligned correctly.  Check your mirrors are clean and adjusted correctly especially before long journeys. make sure washer fluid is topped up and keep your windscreen clean. Don't stare at oncoming headlights and maintain a sensible speed for the conditions. finally watch out for vulnerable road users such as cyclists and motor cyclists or horse riders.

If you do have an accident, check out accident advice

I have listed below several Organisations concerned with road safety and advanced driver training.

This link will take you to the Passplus homepages
I am a registered PassPlus Instructor.  I fully endorse the benefits of taking a PassPlus course
For more information visit the Pass Plus page

This will take you to the Institutes homepages
I  am a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists.
You may have passed the standard UK Department of Transport L-test a long time ago and are now considering polishing your driving skills.    Do you want to update those skills to match modern driving conditions.
You may be a new driver looking to improve your driving or increase your confidence, or just want to start really enjoying the pleasure of driving.
To the Rospa Website
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
A voluntary organisation with an interest in improving road safety at all levels.

"RoSPA's purpose is to enhance the quality of life by exercising a powerful influence for accident prevention"

The aim of RoSPA Road Safety Department is to raise awareness about the causes of road accidents and to seek and promote effective measures that will help prevent such accidents or reduce their severity. The Department works to ensure that accurate and appropriate information, education, training and publicity resources and services are available to all road users and to road safety professionals.

This is the homepage of the Driving Standards Agency
Visit the Driver Vehicle licensing Agency. This is the official web site of the DVLA
The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is an Executive Agency of the Department of  the Environment, Transport and the Regions.
The Agency is accountable to the Secretary of State and Ministers and, through them, to Parliament and the public, for efficient and effective management of the Agency and its responsibilities. Our primary aims are to aid general law enforcement by maintaining registers of drivers and vehicles, collect taxation and assist the road safety objectives of the Department.
To the MSA website
This is the website of the  (DVSA) Driving Standards Agency, you can find lots of information relating to the driving test and examiners and instructors.   This includes test information and online booking advice and guidance all forms that may be required are available online
to the motability website
Motability is a charitable organisation to help disabled drivers and their families with driving and vehicles.
They can offer financial aid and assessments for disabled drivers. 


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